ST. LOUIS — A new seafood joint is attracting restaurant goers in the Central West End.

Bait opened its doors in February.

Head Chef Ceaira Jackson said she infuses a Caribbean twist on traditional seafood dishes.

One of the most popular is the seabass.

“To us it’s one of our most elegant dishes. We top it with some flowers just to give it a nice touch,” said Jackson.

For a true example of artistry, order the fried snapper. It’s sprinkled in spices, dipped in egg wash and then dropped in the fryer for eight minutes. It’s paired with four different sauces and served over rice and pickled slaw.

“We really wanted some ‘wow’ factors when the dishes came out,” said Jackson.

Most of the fish is shipped from Florida. Jackson said it takes about two days to get from the warehouse to their restaurant and none of the fish is frozen.

The suave décor and sleek furniture transport you somewhere majestic.

Misha K Sampson, the manager, said the restaurant used to be an old home.

“[The owners] wanted it to feel like a boutique restaurant,” said Sampson.

Jackson said their motto is: “leave here full and happy.”