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St. Louis foodies showcase city's dining scene one bite at a time

"We're the Show-Me State, we have to show them what we have."

ST. LOUIS — St. Louis is known for a few things and tasty food is right at the top of the list. There is a variety of places to eat throughout the area. There are two guys wanting to make sure the outside world knows about it.

Orlando Peyton and Braden Tewolde are known around town as #stlfoodies.

“We just live our lives in St. Louis, enjoying the food,” said Peyton.

They know where the best spots are to grab a bite.

“Most of the places are in south city and the grove and stuff. North county has a lot of great food spots as well,” Peyton told 5 On Your Side.

But they aren’t at the table just to eat. The two also know just the right way to capture the moment on video or in a picture.

“Turning our phones upside down to get the right angle,” said Tewolde.

Tewolde sees his pics as a form of art.

“You’re looking at the art, you’re like this is amazing. When you’re looking at a video it has to pull you in,” he said.

They believe their pics can also stimulate someone’s appetite.

“People see things first when they taste it. They see it first,” Peyton explained.

The two post their tantalizing photos and videos on Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook and YouTube. They do it to expose the foods that St. Louis has to offer.

“We’re the Show-Me State, we have to be able to show them what we have. And not just the big names that we know about but the mom and pops that are the heart of our city,” said Tewolde.

The idea started during the pandemic to help support the local restaurants. It is sort of their way of doing a public service.

“My overall goal was to just get the restaurants out there that are needing that exposure and help,” said Peyton.

The assistance doesn’t include a review of the food.

“If I don’t like something, I’m not putting that negativity out there,” said Tewolde.

He admits to eating out 10 to 12 times a week. Both are careful to make sure the food doesn’t add inches to their waistlines.

“You know, you gotta workout. Keep yourself healthy,” said Peyton.

But it is a sacrifice the guys are willing to make so that they can help keep the St. Louis food scene thriving.

“We’re going to change the way you see St. Louis one bite at a time. It’s on my page, that’s my mission statement out here,” laughed Tewolde.

Tewolde and Peyton encourage everyone to post their food pics on social along with #stlfoodie to also help in bringing notice to tastes that St. Louis has to offer.

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