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Vietnamese coffee brand being sold at St. Louis area restaurant

"We love coffee and believe there is no coffee without culture and community"
Credit: Kory Powell Photography

ST. LOUIS — Coffee lovers will now be able to enjoy a Vietnamese coffee brand in a St. Louis area restaurant.

Fat Miilk is a direct trade Vietnamese coffee company from St. Louis native and owner Lan Ho and co-owner Tuan Huynh in partnership with David Choi, owner of Seoul Taco, and Corey Gilkey, CEO of Leaders 1354.

Ho and Huynh started the business partnership in Chicago where they bonded over their vision for the local coffee industry and how it differed from what they’ve seen in Vietnam.

"Fat Miilk strives to be a brand that pays respect to the rich culture and bold flavors of Vietnamese coffee," a press release stated.

The company sources organic, pesticide-free beans directly from Huynh’s family’s farms in Vietnam.

"Our goal is to offer traditional, homegrown beans to the masses while supporting and eventually advancing agricultural practices in Vietnam," said Ho. "We love coffee and believe there is no coffee without culture and community."

Fat Miilk's Màu Xanh Blue Roast is 100% Vietnamese robusta beans with flavors that evoke chocolate, molasses and toasted almonds, the release said. Fat Miilk also offers phin coffee filters in a variety of colors.

In addition to being offered online, the brand is also looking to expand its footprint in St. Louis through local partnerships, beginning with The Banh Mi Shop in University City.

The Vietnamese sandwich shop serves a selection of Fat Miilk drinks, along with coffee bags and phins, a type of coffee filter.

“Cultural understanding is an important part of how we grow as individuals. Our logo features a water buffalo because the animal is an integral and treasured extension of Vietnam’s agricultural practice. It is a traditional symbol of strength, loyalty, and prosperity," said Huynh. "As represented by our logo, Fat Miilk is a company that prides itself on tradition, humility, and a tenacious work ethic.”