Local artists have teamed up to create what they hope is a show stopper at LouFest this weekend.

"We really just made this happen literally through blood, sweat and tears," Christopher Holt with TechArtista said.

More than 100 wooden triangles are being assembled, painted, and stacked to make four totem poles on the LouFest grounds. Each totem will stand 15 to 17 feet tall.

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"Hopefully they get a little bit of a child sense of wonder. I think a lot of good art creates that in people and hopefully they can ask questions: who did this, why is it here?" said Marcis Curtis with Citizen Carpentry.

The artists hope the exhibition they're building has lasting impacts on St. Louis. It's important to LouFest that the project is sustainable. The goal is for the triangles to be reused to better the city once the weekend festival ends.

"For us we really want to see these pieces go to something more useful, to really help LouFest feel like they're really helping improve the city," said Holt.

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They're hoping the triangles can be transformed into park benches or planter boxes that can be used at schools and local community gardens.

"If we are going to put in all the effort to make all these things, they don't have to end up in a landfill or dumpster somewhere. Even if it's a pretty simple reuse case, it's better than these things going to waste," Holt said.

Art with a purpose at this year's LouFest.

"We really want to bring something that's beautiful and dynamic into the city that has a story to it." Curtis added.

Photos: Saturday at LouFest 2016