At 3227 Morganford across from Tower Pub in the Tower Grove South neighborhood kids and adults duck onto a different kind of court for a game most have never seen.

"Never, never," says Peggy Barrow, a fan.

At least not on this scale, played like this.

"They say what? What, what are you talking about and I say it's human foosball," Clayton Delaney says.

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It's the same concept as the table game only here there's no flipping around the bar just a lot of fancy footwork.

"It's like dancing and if you're not moving side to side the ball is flying right past you," Delaney goes on to say.

It's an activity people are latching onto.

"You must keep your hands on the handles at all times," Delaney, who's referring yells.

"Well, I can't take credit, my father contacted me and said have you seen this, it looks awesome, I think I can build it," Sherri Brown with Great American Human Foosball explains.

It's a 16 by 32 foot court with 12 sets of handles.

"We have a goalie, we have three midfielders and two strikers and they alternate just like they would on a foosball table," Bill Edney, one of the players, points out.

There's also one very dedicated fan.

"Yeah I come with the team they're family and I like to do dumb things like this," says Barrow.

A woman who at 87 climbs onto a chair with her cane in hand to watch.

"I want to see down in the court and they don't provide stands," she explains.

So they're missing bleachers, but they scored big when it comes to a fun, family activity.

"Unlike basketball or soccer which we love, but you can't have the children and adults together because the kids could get run over or tripped up and with human foosball the entire family can play together," Brown says.

That doesn't mean games don't get serious.

"It can get pretty intense," Edney adds.

But mostly Great American Human Foosball is fun.

"Our logo is the most fun you've had in a longtime! When we first tried it out with our friends the reoccurring statement was that's the most fun I've had in a long time," Brown says.


"That's a workout," Edney says.

But fun!