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18 movies for a snowy weekend

Grab the popcorn, soda or wine or beer and ice cream: it's time to hunker down for a winter movie night.
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ST. LOUIS - A snowy St. Louis weekend inside with a roaring fire, a bowl of popcorn, delivery Chinese food, a crisp Coke Zero, or the beverage of your choice, and a movie: what could be better?

Here's a list of movies that are perfect for a snowy January weekend in St. Louis

Citizen Kane

Why it's perfect: Black and white movie with snow, snow globes and a sled.

The Sound of Music

Why it's perfect: WWII-set movie with snow-covered mountain peaks and thoughts of snowflakes that stay on your nose and eyelashes. 


Why it's perfect: Freezing cold and snow throughout. It's a frigid-looking movie.

Star Wars

Why it's perfect: All of the Star Wars movies are excellent on a winter weekend. The long weekend provides ample time to watch multiple installments of the outer space saga. Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back is a must-watch because of the ice world of Hoth.

The Revenant

Why it's perfect: Completely frozen throughout.

The Hateful Eight

Why it's perfect: Completely frozen throughout, lots of snow with cold hearts as well.

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Why it's perfect: A movie about a mother and her son trapped in a room in winter may sound depressing, but it's actually pretty heartfelt and awe-inspiring.

The Day After Tomorrow

Why it's perfect: An ice age freezes most of the Northern Hemisphere. A shot of an American flag freezing mid-wave is - dare I say - iconic.


Why it's perfect: A three-hour romance-on-a-ship with a chilly conclusion. 

Groundhog Day

Why it's perfect: A must-watch every February 2 is also great anytime it snows.

Happy Feet

Why it's perfect: Penguins dancing in the snow will delight everyone in the family.

Harry Potter

Why it's perfect: Nearly every Harry Potter movie has wonderful wintry scenes. The Christmas scenes are always heartfelt and emotional, from Sorcerer's Stone to Deathly Hallows

Cool Runnings  

Why it's perfect: Bobsledding at the Winter Olympics doesn't have to just happen every four years. 

Ice Age

Why it's perfect: Family-friendly winter fun.


Why it's perfect: Family-friendly winter musical fun.

Where Eagles Dare

Why it's perfect: Clint Eastwood and Richard Burton infiltrate a secret Nazi castle high in the snowy Bavarian Alps.

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

Why it's perfect: There's singing, dancing, some kidnapping, barn-raising and seven couples snowed-in for the winter.


Why it's perfect: The best-movie-ever-made is set in December 1941 and - with gambling, drinking, romance and at least five iconic movie lines - is perfect anytime of the year.

What's your favorite winter flick? Send it to Alexander.Kirk@9NEWS.com

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