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Dallas-born Wilson Brothers open new projects this week

It's a big week for the North Texas-born actors. Here's a look at their latest projects.



Owen Wilson has moved his way right into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He teases saying that Marvel first talked to him about Iron Man and Captain America, even Hulk. In truth, this was the initial approach, and he is cleverly cast as Agent Mobius in the new Disney+ series "Loki," now streaming. 

Tom Hiddleston reprises his film role as the titular 'God of Mischief.' He's broken the timeline, so he's captured and sent to the subterranean desert home of Time Variance Authority where they plan to straighten things out.

It's tough to say who's cornered the market on mischief, though. The grey-wigged Wilson draws on his deadpan humor as he interrogates Loki and proves to be the ideal foil to the god's charms. Time will tell who ends up outwitting whom. New episodes will drop each of the next five Wednesdays

(Disney+. Rated PG-14. Streaming-only)

12 Mighty Orphans

Brother Luke Wilson is on the big screen in "12 Mighty Orphans." He plays the football coach of a Depression-era team of orphans so short-handed, they're forced to play both offense and defense. Forget uniforms, at first they didn't even have shoes and trained on a field shared with livestock. 

The true story is set in Fort Worth and filmed at sites around North Texas. Wilson, who played high school football at St. Mark's, is perfectly cast as the kindly Coach Rusty Russell. The World War I veteran is dealing with his own physical and emotional fallout but is completely focused on building up his "Mighty Mites." He takes them all the way to the state championship game, with FDR as their biggest fan.

C'mon, who doesn't want to root for these underdogs! "12 Mighty Orphans" is as earnest as the Texas day is long and a nice chance to learn a slice of local sports history. As a film, though, it's not a game-changer.

(Sony Pictures Classics. Rated PG-13. In theaters-only) 

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