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Napa man creates backyard version of Disneyland's 'Matterhorn' roller coaster

The LaRochelles' version of the iconic coaster uses bobsleds and has a Yeti, just like the original.
Credit: Sean LaRochelle
A backyard version of Disneyland's Matterhorn designed by Magictecture.

NAPA, Calif. — A curious sight cropped up in the middle of a Napa vineyard recently: a functional backyard version of Disneyland's Matterhorn roller coaster.

The coaster was a family project. Sean and Michael LaRochelle built the small attraction in their parents' backyard, but many members of the family chipped in along the way. 

Sean is an architecture student and owns the YouTube channel Magictecture. Through these videos, the LaRochelles show off designs and builds of the attractions visitors can find at Disneyland.

Their most recent build is a particularly familiar sight: a Matterhorn replica.

"We couldn't get to Disneyland during quarantine, so we brought Disneyland to us," the video caption said.

Matterhorn in miniature is certainly elaborate. LaRochelles' version is a bobsled roller coaster and even includes a Yeti just like Anaheim's iconic original. It also features three small geysers and a waterfall. 

The design and building process for the entire project took place during stay-at-home orders in Napa County. 

At the end of the video, about 30 people are credited with helping with the build, many of whom are LaRochelle family members.

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