ST. LOUIS — Bloom and Bundle is a blog resource made to help navigate the overwhelming world of registries, nurseries, and products for soon to be and new moms.

The six favorite products are listed below.

1. Motherload Bags (Local Mom Zara created because she didn’t want to give up her handbag for a diaperbag)

-Diaper bags can be like black holes and this is especially a problem when you have a mess on your hands and need to find a wipe fast.

-Bags are stretchy to fit lots

-Color coded so it’s even easy for significant others and grandparents to find

-Use at the beach or pool- quick drying

-Wet Bag, Clean Clothing, Snacks, Diapering with Pad, Toys

-Set of 5 is $50

2. Kinsa Smart Thermometer

-Connects by Bluetooth to Phone so it tracks everything for you

-Create profiles for different kids, records temperatures and alerts you when you have hit too high

-Convenient carrying case, flexible, affordable

-Retails for $18

3.  Hatch Sound Machine & Nightlight

-We use this for our 4 mo old and 2 year old

-Different sounds, colors, volumes, timing all controlled by your phone

-Ok to wake feature for older kids- turns a color when its ok for them to get out of bed

-Retails for $60

4. Hatch Smart Changing Pad & Scale

-One of the biggest concerns with newborns once you are home from the hospital is input and output

-Are they eating enough, gaining enough weight? You can weigh them before and after feedings or whenever you want and everything is logged in your app

-Add users so caregivers can use

-Easy to clean

-Retails for $130

5. Tiny Tracker (St. Louis Mom)

-Goes hand in hand with Changing Pad

-For the first few months you will want to track feedings, diapers, sleep, etc. to make sure everything is as your pediatrician wants

-This is a custom feeding journal and development guide

-Retails for $58

6. Baby Shusher

-Our 4 month old has colic up until a few weeks ago. We spent hours trying to soothe him.

-Shushing is one of the best ways to calm and upset baby, but it gets hard on your mouth and throat after awhile.

-This does it for you and you can take it anywhere


Katie Marischen is the owner and blogger, and she is giving away a package on her Instagram (@bloomandbundle) of all six of the products.

Tiny Traker & Motherload are also offering discounts for viewers:
Motherload 25% off with code "showmelocal" and Tiny Tracker 10% off with code "showmebaby."

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