They pull into the parking lot of gyms and other random places five or six times a month and set the scene for some pretty good deals on athletic wear.

"We have joggers these are probably one of our most popular, we've ordered multiple times." Sara Fingerhut points out as she grabs a pair.

She and Tasha Murphy hit the road with The Fit Wheel in July of 2017.

"You can go to any store and get just plain black leggings, but we have the fleece lined which you can't really find in other places and then all the different colors and patterns," she goes on to say.

It's a fashion truck focused on fitness apparel.

"We were pleasantly surprised when we did the search to make sure that we were going to have a good niche that fit what we thought people needed," Murphy adds.

They have tights and tanks, athleisure wear and a small men's section.

"A lot of it is stuff we consider when we're being active, I'm big on running and cycling and I think what's going to be comfortable when I'm out there actually doing it. Tasha does a lot of crossfit and so she knows what works in the gym,"

Fingerhut explains.

It's not just cute stuff, it's affordable stuff.

"Everyone loves to look cute while they're working out and it's nice when it's not expensive," Murphy says.

Most of what's in this mobile boutique is between 15 and 25 dollars and who knows maybe if you do a push up or two you can save even more.

"I've talked about doing a pull-up bar on the side of the truck it's still in discussion though," she adds.

For now the bar is just another rack. By the way, they also have hats, ear warmers and a few other fitness accessories.

"Those are actually lights that go on the back of your shoes so when you're running at night you can be seen by cars," Fingerhut says.

So if you see The Fit Wheel hit the brakes chances are you'll score a good deal.

The Fit Wheel will come to your office, gym or event. You can follow the truck on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Their next scheduled stop is on January 13th at Crossfit 314. You can call 314-780-7862 or go to