Kelli Ulrey from St. Charles makes handmade and natural teethers inspired by her little one.

“I was pregnant on bedrest with my youngest. I suffered from HG which is severe morning sickness throughout my entire pregnancy, so I couldn’t do a whole lot,” she said.

While making her baby registry, Kelli couldn't find the kind of teether she was looking for. One that had a modern, muted, and had a minimalist look. So, 19 months ago, right before giving birth to her son, she decided to launch a business called Pretty Please Boutique.

“I make all food grade safe silicone teethers. The silicone of course is non-toxic, odorless, tasteless. And some are even dishwasher and freezer safe. And then I use natural beechwood. And it's a hardwood that won’t splinter and crack so it feels really good against littles gums,” she said.

When she had her baby, it wasn’t long before her own teethers were put to good use.

“He was very excited I had it because he started teething at 3 months,” she said.

Kelli has different styles to choose from and her most popular one looks good enough to eat. It looks like an ice cream sandwich.

She takes special care when creating each and every one.

“All my items have a secure knot with a wax coating around it and the wax coating is something I personally do as extra security so it’s definitely not coming off,” she said.

Her business is so popular it's allowed her to make teethers full time and stay home with her kids.

“It’s unreal since I’m still a small shop to get so much love and support from people I’ve never met… but have so much passion in what I’m doing,” she said.

You can order them online at