At a desk in Kirkwood, Jay Thompson is putting the final whiskers onto one of his interesting works of art.

"I retired and after about a year of boredom, it really was boring, this kind of popped out of me," he explains.

It's one of many pieces in a collection he calls Cat Works.

"It all started as digital art which is is computer based art."

Truth be told it starts with a feline photo shoot at Open Door Animal Sanctuary.

"All my cats are shelter cats," he points out.

He doesn't know their names, but he does have his favorites.

"Some cats just perform for you and other ones that are beautiful and you really want to use them and they just want no part of you and give you the tail."

It's the way we felt when we met one of Jay's cats which by the way is never one of his models.

"I don't think they like what I do to my cats," the artist jokes.

They may not, but people seem to.

"Oh people will come by and say I'm not a cat lover but these are really cute."

That's not exactly his favorite response.

"If they walk in and say that is really cool, can I touch that? I got 'em you know."

They are relevant pieces where let's just say the cat doesn't have the artist's tongue.

"But I don't make a judgement I'll leave the judgement up to you."

Each one requires you to do a double take.

"You know I use cats in my work because it makes my stuff palatable. I can tell stories, I can get away with things," Thompson says.

It's catnip for fans of the whimsical. So check out Cat Works and get your paws on one of Jay Thompson's fun paintings.

"It's meant to make you smile."

You can see Jay Thompson's work this weekend at the Historic Shaw Art Fair. He'll be in booth 81. You can also check his work out on his website

The fair will be set up along Flora Place at Tower Grove Avenue Saturday and Sunday. Admission is $7 and that's good for both days. Bring a non-perishable food item and save a dollar.