Just past the cornfields along Historic Route 66 in Staunton, Illinois is a rusty piece of Americana. A place people from all over the world pull into and pull out their cameras.

"This morning we had France, Italy, it just goes on and on," says Rich Henry, the man behind the metal.

"This was never an old 66 stop we have fabricated all of this from scratch," he goes on to say.

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It's a roadside attraction that makes other stops along the the old mother road seem, well sort of standard because Henry's Rabbit Ranch also has a soft side.

"Yeah, usually there's a rabbit on the counter."

It is a bizarre attraction unlike anything else along the main street of America.

"On 66 there's other quirky stops and that, but nothing set up this way," Henry points out.

It all came together long after the heyday of Route 66, but back in 1995 it was just Henry's Old 66 Emporium.

"In '99 I got a family of bunnies from my youngest daughter Emily, there was like 16 of them." he explains.

"I had gotten some Volkswagens from my father's estate and we thought Volkswagen Rabbits, bunny rabbits, let's call it Henry's Rabbit Ranch and have some fun and we've been hopping and having fun ever since."

There's actually less hoping and more holding, but it's definitely a unique place that's guaranteed to raise a few hairs.