Once a year, they wander in from every direction some beards more tattered than others some suits slightly tighter than others.
But they meet at Austin Place and Lockwood Avenue to see the same megawatt smile.

"Hey guys I'm Grace, how are you guys today?" says Grace Mehan.

It's a grin people driving this direction have seen since 2011.

"It all started with a purple bench," explains Colleen Mehan, Grace's mom.

"I put a bench down here just so people would see that she was standing there," adds Grace's dad, Tom.

They added balloons for Grace's birthday and Grace's Glendale Bus Stop took on a life of it's own.

"Yeah, look at this," Grace says.

"We do a lot of holidays, holidays that are well-known and holidays that aren't so well-known," Colleen explains.

"It's been great fun and people come up to me and say you haven't done anything with the bus stop like they're mad at me about it," Tom says.

That first December, however, drivers didn't see quite as much red.

"At first it was just Tom and Grace waving to people and Union Electric trucks driving by and waving," Colleen points out.

It was something that was very much of out of character for Tom.

"I'm used to Grace doing anything outward like that, but Tom not so much. This is guy who won't go to a karoke bar because he gets embarrassed."

"I can't even watch other people do karoke, but here no one knows who I am, I'm Santa today okay."

"I say to Grace, Grace what happened to your dad and she says he loves me mom."

He's not the only one.

"Hello Gracie Grace," one Santa says as he hugs her.

"I mean she's like such a big part of why I love living on this street and around here," a woman dressed up like a reindeer says.

It's hard not to love Grace Mehan and even harder not to love how this community has wrapped it's arms around her.

"They know her, they see her and they know her growth and development and that she is in fact a true part of the community," Tom