Along Manchester Road at Bellevue Avenue in Maplewood is a company that's more creative than creepy despite the name Tiny Little Monster.

"Like I just thought this will be a little fun thing we do in the basement," explains Sloan Coleman, co-owner of Tiny Little Monster.

Fun, clever t-shirts and her partner Jenny started making in 2011 that sort of scream St. Louis.

"So Jenny went to school for printmaking, I went for graphic design. Jenny and I didn't know how to do this we got the equipment, got the t-shirts and we looked at Youtube and taught ourselves how to do it."

The self-taught entrepreneurs' business began to multiply like gremlins and they eventually crept out of the basement and into a storefront.

These days what's rolling out is less about what they want to say and more about their customer's creativity

"Now they're telling us what they want and we're making that happen," Coleman says..

It's a place where no order is too tiny or too monstrous.

"It's kind of like the print shop for the people."

A shop where no idea is too outrageous or outlandish. They've even made a shirt that glows in the dark.

"That's the big difference between us and other shops is we really welcome people to go through that exploration."

Their staff of 17 can do something special for a birthday, bachelor or bachelorette party, camp or company picnic.

"There's tons of t-shirts out there and it's very overwhelming if you just get handed a catalog. Our staff kind of helps people through that process."

So paint your own picture of what you want to wear on your chest or back and check out Tiny Little Monster, a business that can help you make a lasting impression.

Tiny Little Monster

7207 Manchester Road

Maplewood, MO


10am to 6pm