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St. Louis makeup artist and beauty blogger creates her own makeup product

Ally Things Beauty has launched the Thirsty Lemon makeup sponge.

ST. LOUIS — A common way to apply makeup these days is with a makeup sponge. One local makeup artist and blogger, Ally Seago of Ally Things Beauty, has launched her first product – a makeup sponge.

The makeup sponge is called Thirsty Lemon. This ‘Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy’ makeup sponge looks exactly like a lemon. It can be used to apply any product to your face under your eye, the crease of your nose, the inner corner of your eye and more.

“I have been a lover of makeup for a lot of years and have used a ton of different makeup sponges. And while a lot of them were great, alas, most of them weren’t excellent. But there were sponges that I loved that did different things, but not one sponge that kind of did it all,” said Seago.

So, she created Thirsty Lemon to do it all. It retails for $12.99 and is sold exclusively on Amazon. She is currently working on different variations of the Thirsty Lemon makeup sponge with different colors and variations of the shape. In the future, she also wants to launch different beauty products.

Ally Things Beauty currently has over 40,000 followers on Facebook. Each Thursday night at 8 p.m., she shares makeup tutorials where she communicates with her viewers and shares new looks and products.

Check out Ally Things Beauty on Facebook and Instagram, and check out Thirsty Lemon on Instagram.

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