He's the Clayton High School grad who's interviewed Oprah, Meryl and Cher just to name three on a very long list, but Andy Cohen never thought he'd see his name in lights on the Fox marquee.

"No, no it's crazy I'm so excited! I can't wait to bring Anderson to the Fox it's going to be really fun," Cohen says.

He and Anderson Cooper are criss-crossing the country with a show that is billed as

an unscripted, uncensored and unforgettable night of conversation.

"It's basically like you and me and Anderson are going to a bar for two hours and you're listening to our stories."

They both live extraordinary lives and have plenty of stories to tell.

"We have a conversation and then we open it up to the audience to ask us whatever they want. It's really fun, it's gossipy, it's funny, it's surprising and it's mainly just a great night out with your friends," he goes on to say.

Speaking of friends, Andy is the one interviewing those famous Friends we all fell in love with in the 90's.

"No one knows this, but the night of show, I'm there in the audience and they came to me during the show and said we've had a change of plans will you do the Friends reunion? The night the show was going on I said oh my gawd put me in the game! So everything you saw was very off the cuff and it was just kind of my excitement that was powering me through that reunion. I know a thing or two about reunions right?"

Yes he does and this one was nothing like the reunions he's famous for.

"Hilariously they said to me before the show listen this is a positive thing, you don't need to ask who slept with who I said yeah I know I understand, I'm a fan of all of these shows, I got it."

But when you're Andy Cohen you can't helped but ask.

"I did, I did that was the one I kind of went with and of course NBC is using it in the promo so I'm glad I did it," Cohen says.

He's also happy to report they're really friends.

"It didn't surprise me, but what I think was so great was we all want the friends to actually be friends and the good news is they are friends."

Because the truth is he's still sort of that kid from Clayton. Only now he has a lot more stories and a bigger stage to share them.