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Normandy sisters write children's books about Annie Malone

The pandemic was the extra push they needed to write and publish these books.

ST. LOUIS — Dr. Chajuana Trawick and Chauncey Trawick share a bond beyond being sisters. They are coauthors of two new children's books about self-made millionaire, Annie Malone, who lived in St. Louis.

The sisters are hoping more people will learn about this important figure in history with their books, Annie Malone's ABCs and Annie Malone's 123s.
Both are available for purchase on Amazon.

She said, "I thought we should start with the kids going from ABCs, 123s and growing up knowing who she was and her significance in St. Louis."

They are the perfect pair to write these books. Chauncey was a teacher for 28 years. And Chajuana spent 4 years researching Annie Malone for her doctorate. She's also the endowed chair and Associate Professor of the fashion business and design program at Lindenwood University.

Chajuana said, "During that time, a lot of women, African American women, were trying different things for their hair. And so, she would see that they were having problems and their hair was falling out, they were having different problems with their scalp… and so, she created the product Wonderful Hair Grower, and it pretty much took off."

That research became a passion. And the pandemic was the extra push they needed to write and publish these books.

Chajuana said ,"During COVID, people have more time to really reflect on things. I kept thinking, we need to do something. We need to do something."

And what they ended up doing is something Annie Malone, the entrepreneur, would approve of.

"The message to kids is go for what you believe in, jump out there and try it and follow your dreams… You find a need and fill it, and that's exactly what she did. She was helping women," said Chajuana.

Purchase the books here.

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