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Back to School: Gadgets for students and Apps for parents

Technology Expert Burton Kelso has insight on the hottest new gadgets and apps perfect for back to school time.

ST. LOUIS — Featured Gadgets

1.Rocketbook smart notebook

2. Focal Wireless Headphones

3. Epson Ecotank Printer

4. Tanoshi 2-in-1 Notebook

5. Mercku M2 Router

Featured Apps

1. Allrecipes.com. This app allows busy parents to find recipes for meals during the school year. The "Dinner Spinner' features lets you shake your phone to find quick meals to prepare

2. ArtKive. Yes, you want to save your kid's artwork and projects. No, you don't want to the clutter. This app allows you to take photos of all those school art projects and store them in one place. You can even use the app to order products like mugs and shirts featuring your kid's art work to share with grandma and grandpa.

3. Picniic. Want to keep everyone's schedule straight during the school year, the Picniic app is the perfect tool that will allow you to know who is where throughout the busy school year.

4. Remember the Milk. If you keep forgetting items at the store, or task you need to accomplish, this app will help. Constant reminders will help you keep track of all of those school year to-do lists.

5. ShopSavvy. Need to find the latest deals on back to school items, use this app to price compare with retail and online stores.

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