Trucks have pulled in, lights have been pulled out and cameras are rolling all over St. Louis thanks to Catherine Dudley-Rose.

"So these will be set in the ground in such a way to give you a certain effect," she explains placing a prop on the ground.

She's the writer and director of Parallel Chords.

"It's kind of an artsy film, but as my husband likes to say it's artsy but it's very entertaining."

It is the story of a rather stormy relationship between a musically talented father and daughter.

"The father is a classical concert pianist, daughter is a violinist, the father is losing the feeling in his hands and has a lot of health issues and he's kind of on a decline, but he's holding on tightly to her to keep his music career going."

It's a plot that hits close to home.

"It's loosely autobiographical, my father was a concert pianist, I grew up in a house with five pianos," she points out.

Catherine first told the story on stage in a one woman show when she was living in New York. Last year she released a short film that played at more than 30 festivals and now she and her team, many with St. Louis ties,

are doing a full length feature.

"It's pretty exciting, I definitely feel like St. Louis is one of the reasons I'm able to do this. If we were doing all of this in LA or New York City we may not be able to do everything we've been able to do."

Of course making a movie isn't cheap.

"You always go into it thinking you can do it for this much, but unexpected circumstances come up and we've been pretty prepared but we definitely need a little bit more to get us through the last stretch," she says.

So there's now a go fund me page which allows anyone to put in as little as 25 dollars or as much as 1,500. The bigger picture is to hopefully get more movies made in St. Louis.

"A lot of our key talent here are people who have St. Louis roots, but have left for LA and we'd love to reflect that everybody loves to come back here and we should be doing more here."

With someone as talented as Catherine Dudley-Rose now calling St. Louis home we're off to a good start.