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BioSTL continues to help startups through the pandemic

BioSTL is helping startups to keep developing and innovating through COVID-19.

ST. LOUIS — St. Louis has become quite the hotbed of Bioscience innovation.  There is a lot of cool science going on right in our own backyard, and BioSTL is at the heart of it all. Maggie Crane is here to tell us how BioSTL is keeping the innovation economy humming along by supporting startups through the pandemic and beyond.

Maggie tells us that BioSTL has been working on supporting startups since 2001, carrying forth the vision of Dr. Bill Danforth. They have worked over the last two decades to help startups develop their policies, ideas, create entrepreneurs and develop talent. Startups also need to develop capital and create a place where their work can be done. Some of this work can be done in free scientific labs.

BioSTL does all this and more to help source the best innovation possible to help startups in St. Louis. Having had all of these resources previously has helped BioSTL to fare well through this pandemic. Maggie says that even she can be surprised by the level of science and innovation that is happening right here in St. Louis.

BioGenerator is the investment arm of BioSTL, so not only do they have scientific labs, but often BioGenerator is the first money into a new company. They invest in St. Louis companies, and are for St. Louis businesses.

Even GlobalSTL has STL at its core. They take the pain points of the big medical companies in St. Louis and help them try to find a solution. GlobalSTL goes out to help source innovation from around the world and bring it back to St. Louis.

Find more information at bioSTL.org or by calling 314-880-8877.

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