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Kirkwood mom's 'Black Daisy Shop' puts modern twist on old school artform

She makes silhouettes of kids and pets.

KIRKWOOD, Mo. — Christine Kleckner of Kirkwood is the owner of the Black Daisy Shop. She makes silhouettes of kids and pets. She got the idea when making Christmas gifts.

She said, "I was just fiddling around with my computer and trying to design something for my son's grandparents for Christmas. And I was like, I think I can make a silhouette of him. I know we had some done when were little, so I think his grandparents would appreciate that."

After that, she made silhouettes of her dog and cat and horses. From there, word of her art spread to parents and pet parents alike.

She said, "People were seeing pictures of them, and they were like, 'Oh my gosh, we had those done when we were kids. That would be a great idea for my parents,' so it started from there."

And an old school artform that's got a modern twist - she uses computer software but still designs it by hand.

She said, "I just need a photo. People message me through Facebook. A side profile, I send some tips. Make it eye level. If it's a girl, the hair is up or down or however you want it in the picture is how I’m going to make it."

Black Daisy is a combination of her favorite flower and her dog - her black lab mix.

She said, "I do a lot of memorial gifts for pets that have passed which holds a special place in my heart because we always have pets and it’s so great to do that for people."

From art to hang on a wall to art you can play with... Christine has branched out to making even more gift items. These are perfect tools to have on hand for virtual school.

She said, "I'm using Epoxy resin now. I'm making alphabet and number sets, bookmarks, and coasters. The alphabet sets they’ve been popular with homeschooling people are at home doing virtual learning. They are these cute letters. I made a set for my son. As soon as I pulled them out of the mold, he was going crazy over them and making sounds with the letters."

Black Daisy Shop is full of unique gifts made in Kirkwood.

To place an order, visit Black Daisy's Facebook Page or Black Daisy Shop on Etsy

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