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Advice from Brown & Crouppen on how to avoid political donation scams

Ed Herman of Brown & Crouppen is here with advice on how to make sure your political donations go to legitimate causes.

It is an election year, and chances are that you will be inundated with political content asking for donations. One thing is for sure, you don’t want to waste your money on scams. Ed Herman of Brown & Crouppen is here to help!

Ed starts by saying that if there is a candidate out there that you want to support, the best thing to do is to donate your money directly to that candidate’s page.This was you know that the page is legitimate and highly regulated.

Trouble can come when people have maxed out their allowed donation amount to one candidate or they would like to donate to a specific issue and they look to PACs or Political Action Committees to give more. This is when you want to pay a little more attention to who is getting your money. You want to make sure that it is a legitimate cause and it is not going to an individual who can pocket the money.

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