She's the woman who for more than 30 years came into your home and made the morning a little more enjoyable. But in March of 2014 Jennifer Blome stepped away from the anchor desk.

"Heidi when I look back at the morning show I think ok I got up at 1:30 in the morning, I was at work downtown with Spanx, eyelashes full make-up at 3am."

For three years she was the Director of Humane Education at the APA of Missouri and then in May of 2017 her life took another turn and she joined Jon Grayson on 'The Inside.'

"I was a guest on Kelly Jackson and McGraw Milhaven's show to represent the APA once a month and really Kelly and McGraw were encouraging me to come over and try radio," she explains.

Her velvet voice fit the format perfectly. She, however, had to make some adjustments.

"It is like day and night in TV news we plan everything, we script everything down to the minute. In radio not at all. Our producer, Max after I had been here for a few months said you know you can plan everything if you want but you might want to try being a talk show host."

She quickly got the hang of it and she's enjoying every minute.

"The thing I love the most is during our show we have a text line open and of course our phone lines so really it's about a conversation with listeners,"

Conversations that often take an unexpected turn.

"We always have a plan, but what happens is the listeners take it in another direction. We'll get the first call or somebody we'll start reminiscing about Spanish Lake and then three more people will call in," she points out.

One thing you can count on is getting that same smart, funny, authentic woman you used to watch on TV.

"Everybody watched Jennifer Blome when she was on TV of course yes it was where I got my news from for a very long time," Grayson says.

"When I got out of TV news I was 59 and a half and I just had this thing in my head that I'm about to turn 60 I've always read to age well you should try new things," Blome adds.

So that's what she's doing. She's even taken a few art classes.

"Will it be another career? I don't think so, but it's fun."

Oh and these days she can sleep in and doesn't have to wear Spanx.

"No more Spanx!"

You can now hear the soothing sounds of Jennifer's voice weekday mornings from 10am to noon on the Big 550 KTRS.