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City Foundry STL Week: 'Polished Prints' a shop for the babes and babies

Everyday this week, our team is exploring a stop at City Foundry STL. Mary C. is kicking it off with an inside look at 'Polished Prints'.

ST. LOUIS — Show Me St. Louis is hoping to help you beat the winter blues with City Foundry STL week. Throughout the week of January 23rd, the team will be highlighting all of the places to shop, eat, and support local! To kick off the week, Mary explored Polished Prints.

“My boss is a mom of 3 herself, so she knows what kids want to touch and feel good in. She knows what kids will want to throw off and not wear,” says Claire Nelson.

What first began as one mom making baby onesies for her own family, soon became Polished Prints.

“Polished Prints are for babies and babes.”

The small business started online in 2015. This store is run by mamas for mamas, and these ladies are thrilled to introduce their first store front in City Foundry STL.

“Foundry has been so great for us,” says Nelson. “We were all online, and now it is like instant gratification. Someone walks through the door, and says we love this shirt, we love this glass. It is just great to hear feedback in person; rather than just shipping out and not hearing their experience with the clothing or the other stuff.”

Whether you are looking for something for the kids.

“The best thing about our clothing is it is really gender neutral, so you can hand it down to the next kid you have.”

Or even a gift for yourself!

“The moms need to treat themselves, they need to have their fun items as well, so the wine glasses, cocktail glasses, shirts with inspirational sayings, all this kind of stuff.”

Polished Prints offers high quality items. All their clothing is organic cotton, made by moms with moms in mind! It is a one-stop-shop for a baby shower, or even, mother’s day. Perhaps the most unique part? Their clothing includes inspirational quotes to make not only you smile, but every person you pass, too.

“It is something that makes you feel good wearing it, and others feel good reading it,” says Nelson.

Learn further information at polished-prints.com.

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