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Club Fitness shares some Thanksgiving motivation!

In the month of November, you can join Club Fitness for just $1!

Club fitness is back in the Show Me St. Louis studio! Jenn Mathis is here to do the talking while Frankie Shelton does some working out.

With Thanksgiving coming up, Club Fitness doesn’t want people to wait for New Year’s resolutions to get started getting fit, so they want to inspire people now!

If you can’t get to the gym but you still need to workout Thanksgiving morning, you can use a turkey to do squats into a bicep curl. Another option is to take two cans of yams and do lunges with a lateral raise and a front raise, alternating. Finally, you can work the core by doing sit-ups with a reach towards a pie for motivation!

In the month of November, it is only $1 to join any Club Fitness. This is just in time for Turkey Burn Bootcamps! On Thanksgiving morning, you can come in for a 15-minute nutrition seminar and a 45-minute bootcamp workout.

Find a location near you by visiting clubfitness.us, call 1-866-551-CLUB, or find them on Facebook.