Des Peres, MO — In this age of smart phones, there's a business that connects people face to face.

"We really want to be known for all things gaming in St. Louis," said retail manager Stu Steingruby.

Not video games, but board games.

"A lot of times when we say we're in the gaming industry, there's this connection to virtual or video gaming and we kinda go back to the roots with tabletop and there's a huge community for it," he said.

Miniature Market is headquartered in St. Louis and started online back in 2004.

"We grew a massive presence online. We're really well known online, ship all over the world," Stu said.

Given that Miniature Market in the business of board games and face to face interaction, it just made sense for the online company to open a retail store. You'll find it on Manchester Road in Des Peres with 4800 square feet of space, packed with games. You won't find the old school classics, but ones maybe you haven't heard of like Gloomhaven.

"We want to bring in hot sellers, brand new items," he said.

The miniature in Miniature Market refers to these figurines.

Stu said, "They can be used for various types of gaming."

Whatever you buy, the price may surprise you.

"They really have the best deals," said a customer.

The business will match any price that's on their website.

"You'll get a lot of customers that come in here and say, 'Why is everything so cheap?' But that's something we've been able to do over the years is get items at a low cost.," Stu said.

If you shop from this section of the store, you'll get up to 80% off.

"We have our dent ding wall over here and people go crazy ove this stuff because there's a lot of games out here that are damaged... You can find a game here that has a ding or crease in the box for up to 80% off," he said.

Which means you can stock up like this customer.

"I think I've got about 15 up there right now," he said.

Miniature Market also hosts events every night of the week.

"We have Star Wars night on Tuesday, Dungeons and Dragons on Monday. Even when we don't have something, even on days we're not hosting, we are vocal about open play, you can come in buy a board game, brimg your own and hang out," he said.

Miniature Market:

(314) 462-0607

13380 Manchester Road, Des Peres

Now open at 10 AM 7 days a week