ST. LOUIS — Katie is here from Dirt Cheap to show us how to make the February Drink of the Month, a Chocolate Covered Strawberry. This is the perfect drink for Valentine’s Day!


  • Ice (for shaker)
  • 2.5 oz. Tequila Rose Strawberry
  • 1.5 oz. 360 Double Chocolate Flavored Vodka


Combine the Tequila Rose Strawberry and 360 Double Chocolate Flavored Vodka, shake, and pour! You can also add a strawberry garnish and chocolate sprinkles.

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Heidi is back to share Dirt Cheap's December Drink of the Month! Today we take a look at how to make a Candy Cane Martini. Candy Cane Martini Ingredients 2.5 oz. Tito's Vodka .25 oz. Grenadine .25 oz.

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