It's a an establishment that opened the same year Pac-Man was released and Ronald Reagan became president.

"Most of these pictures date to very early 80's," Benjamin Dressel points out.

His parents opened Dressel's Public House when he was 16. It's a place inspired by their time in Wales. A spot as well-known for what his dad, a poet, put on the walls as what was on the plates.

"Dressel's always had interesting food. Things you might consider to be British pub food on the menu, but there was always quiches and meat pies things that were a little out of the ordinary for pub or bar food," he explains.

But when Benjamin took over in 2005 the food got even better.

"I was more interested in food and locavorism and where this stuff was coming from so I started hiring people who would wear the title chef more than we did in the past."

As much as possible comes from local farms.

"We have an amazing pork sandwich the Porchetta Louie," he says.

It's one of the items that was featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. Another sandwich that's a cut aove the rest is the Truffled Grilled Cheese.

"Our burger probably sells more than anything else on the menu."

There's also the massive Dressel's Pretzel.

"It's a big loaf of a pretzel, but people love it, it comes with rarebit, the ambiguous rarebit sauce," he goes on to say.

Of course there are plenty of other food options and lots of beers on tap in a place that feels like you're miles away from the show me state.

"So we've literally kind of recreated the interior floor of a Welsh pub."

A place where you pass a list of accolades on your way in and praise it for yourself on the way out.

"I think Dressel's is a cultural icon and we're proud of it. I'm proud to carry it on."

Dressel's Public House is in the Central West End at 419 North Euclid. It's open everyday for lunch and dinner and brunch on Sunday. You can look over the menu at