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Earn more working in CDS with Emerest Health

Find out how Emerest Health is providing better care and paying their employees more.

MISSOURI, USA — Consumer Directed Services or CDS is a Medicaid program providing caregivers to people with disabilities. Nate Cohn is here to tell us more about Emerest Health.

Nate starts by explaining that Emerest Health is a CDS provider and they provide those Consumer Directed Services to Medicaid patients across the state of Missouri. In order to quality you must be 18 or older, have Medicaid, and need assistance with activities and daily living.

Nate goes on to say that Emerest Health is different in terms of compensation. They pay caregivers $12 and hour which is higher than the rate paid by many other agencies. Second, they have great customer service and a staff that is knowledgeable. Emerest Health is also great in terms of compliance in that they are up to date with regulation as it comes out in the state of Missouri and there is a CPA on staff.

When the staff feels taken care of, they provide better care. This is part of the positive impact that paying their staff $12 an hour has had on the quality of Emerest Health.

Learn more at WePay12.com or call 1-833-937-2912.

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