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Expert shares 8 ways to prevent cancer

Recent study found cancer rates in Americans under the age of 50 has increased. Siteman Cancer Center shares lifestyle steps for disease prevention.

ST. LOUIS — Tuesday morning, Dr. Elizabeth Salerno with Siteman Cancer Center, joined Mary in studio to share steps to prevent cancer. A new study published in JAMA Network Open discovered cancer rates in Americans under the age of 50 slightly increased by 1% between 2010 and 2019—and the group with the largest increase was those aged 30 to 39, with an increase of 19%. 

Dr. Salerno shares Siteman Cancer Center has compiled eight key steps that can help prevent cancer. They are built on solid scientific evidence and are designed to be things that most people can do, even if some of the steps might be easier than others. Examples include to: 

  • Maintain a healthy weight, Exercise regularly, Don’t smoke, Eat a healthy diet filled with fruits, vegetables and whole grains, and low in red and processed meat, Drink less or no alcohol, Protect yourself from the sun and avoid tanning beds, Protect yourself from sexually transmitted infections, get kids vaccinated against HPV, Get recommended cancer screening tests.
  • Preventive care is key to promoting health and detecting disease early. Screening tests are important medical tests that can help protect against certain diseases. Some screening tests find diseases early when they are most treatable, while others can play a role in preventing diseases before they start.
  • Talk to a doctor about which screening tests are right for you, at what age you should start them, and how often you should have them. Siteman’s prevention experts are leading researchers who conduct studies to understand the most effective methods for preventing cancer and educating the public about cancer prevention. They developed YourDiseaseRisk.com, a free online tool that assesses one’s cancer risk and suggests ways to lower it. Visit siteman.wustl.edu/YDR and find out how knowing your risk can change your future.
  • Play an Active Role in Your Health. In addition to leading a healthy lifestyle, this can mean seeing a health-care professional for recommended screening tests or other important care.
  • Scheduling. You can make an appointment at Siteman by visiting here or by calling 1-800-600-3606. Siteman has an online tool that will help you assess your risk of all cancer types, and will suggest ways to lower your risk. It’s available at YourDiseaseRisk.com.

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