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For 20 years, Mosquito Shield has perfected their treatment process

Using an ingredient you probably have in your kitchen. Garlic.

Mosquito Shield of West St. Louis offers Residential and Commercial Mosquito Control- using an ingredient that might surprise you.

"99.7% all natural products with small amount of control material. Mostly garlic and mosquitos hate it," says Arthur Harmon of Mosquito Shield of West St. Louis. "Most of the time when we leave people complain that they have their kids order pizza that night."

Your property is treated every 10-17 days.

"More often than industry standard by 4-6 times. Mosquitos don't work on a set schedule. This way we avoid outbreaks that come on a 21 day service that most offer. We monitor weather, heat, humidity, and adjust service based on those factors not just the calendar."

You might be surprised to learn that only female mosquitos bite.

"They are after your blood, they need the bloodmeal to reproduce. The males are only around for one reason and that is the breeding process. The females seek you out on the amount of CO2 your body produces. Our product does three things, kills mosquitos, masks CO2 you body puts off, and repels away from your yard so once they are gone they wont want to come back to your space"

Mosquitoes aren't the only pest that they know how to handle.

"We also offer tick shield which is similar to mosquito shield, but it can work in combination or alone."

The service takes about 10 to 15 minutes depending on the size of your property.

"Our motto is spray today, play today. We spray a fine mist as soon as its dry your kids and pets will be out in the yard playing by the time we pack up and leave."

Receive service from now until Labor Day for only $99 and if after that you sign on for the 2022 season, they will finish this year for free. Give (314) 334-2346 a call or go online here. Mention SMSL which stands for Show Me St. Louis.