It's a clever show that pokes fun at Broadway.

"Sometimes we refer to this as Saturday Night Live for the musical theater," explains Kevin B McGlynn, one of the actors.

A production that has entertained audiences since the early 80's.

"In two hours we're probably doing 37 songs," adds Valerie Fagan.

They are songs with a familiar tune, but much different lyrics. McGylnn and Fagan along with Jeanne Montano and William Selby wear many hats to bring some of broadways most beloved characters to life in Forbidden Broadway.

"Annie in a too tight costume smoking a cigarette always gets a laugh," Fagan points out.

They aren't inside jokes, but bits that will make you laugh even if you've never seen a Broadway show. It's a show that was written by a talented guy who was trying to get to Broadway.

"And he thought well while he's waiting why doesn't he write some things because he'd have ideas as he watched Broadway shows and say yeah but she's too old for that part or you know and he'd write these little skits on napkins," William Selby explains.

Those skits eventually got him to Off Broadway and a special Tony award. So whether you can sing every song in Phantom of the Opera or have no idea what it's about Forbidden Broadway will make you laugh and that's worth the price of admission.