ST. LOUIS — SIUE Psychology Professors, Dr. Jeremy Jewell and Dr. Steve Hupp have written a new book called, “Great Myths of Adolescence.” It uses evidence-based science to debunk 50 widely held misconceptions.

The two of them decided to stop by Show Me St. Louis to play a game going with the theme of the book, “Myth vs. Truth.”

  • A woman who is already pregnant can become pregnant again: Truth.
  • High school football players are more likely to have a serious injury than high school cheerleaders: Myth.
  • Too much sugar causes kids to be hyperactive: Myth.
  • Peer Pressure is more likely to cause adolescents to make good decisions: Truth.
  • Teens these days drink less alcohol than teens a couple decades ago: Truth.
  • College students gain 15 pounds their Freshman year on average: Myth.

“Great Myths of Adolescence” and “Great Myths of Child Development” are both available on