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'Halloween Queen' lives in Oakville

Step inside the queen of Halloween's haunted house on October 31st.

Halloween royalty lives on Shadybridge Court in Oakville

"I'm the queen of Halloween," she said.

Julia Sandvoss is her real name and her house is hard to miss.

"We build a graveyard and this is all recycled fencing we got from someone who was giving it away for free," she said.

It takes weeks to get everything in place. And it's not just the frontyard. She actually invites the public to see the inside of her home on Halloween after the sun sets.

"I sure do, I'm that crazy. It's Halloween and what's more fun than to invite people in and get a little bit spooked."

The main level has been transformed into a haunted house. Julia has toasters and typewriters and TVs that come alive.

She said, "Tons of skeletons that come in animal shapes."

The public can expect a show.

She said, "We have all kinds of people friends and family who come out to help and everyone has a role. We all take on different chacacters and lead them through the haunted house."

It can get a little scary for some.

"We do have a code word we use when we have ltitle people come through because we dont want anyone crying," she said.

For pictures of the home, visit her Instagram page @buzybunny. You can also message her for the exact address if you'd like to see the house Halloween night from 6-10 PM.

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