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Nextdoor’s Treat Map can help plan your Halloween route

Find out how you can plan your trick-or-treat route in a very efficient way!

With Halloween right around the corner, it is important to have a plan to make the most of the holiday. Lifestyle Expert Meaghan Murphy is here to help us prepare.

Meaghan’s biggest tip is to put the “happy” in Happy Halloween! This should be a stress-free, fun holiday. Her friends at Nextdoor, the neighborhood social network, have asked her to talk about their new feature, the Treat Map, that makes trick-or-treating easier than ever!

So how does it work? What the Treat Map does is indicate if your house is a treat giving house, if you have allergy free treats, or if your house is decorated extra spookily. This helps parents to safely and effectively plan their trick-or-treating route.

You can still use Nextdoor year-round to stay connected with your neighbors. It is a great resource to plan events, get recommendations, and to sell or giveaway items.

For more information, visit Nextdoor.com.