ST. LOUIS - It's one of those random things we learn at a pretty young age: Toss a coin into a fountain and make a wish.

The thing is when you toss that penny into the fountain at the Saint Louis Galleria, wish comes true for someone else.

Kimberly McKinney, CEO of Habitat for Humanity St. Louis, is a woman who knows how important every penny is.

"I think initially we were like okay it's just going to be some coins we would have done it regardless because the promotional value of having our name in the Galleria. But it really had added up, I mean $7,000 to go towards the mission. That buys a window package for a home," said McKinney.

Photos: The Garden Court at the St. Louis Galleria

That's right, last year the fountain in the Galleria brought in $7,000 in coins. That's way more than a drop in the bucket.

"The fact that some kid somewhere else in the St. Louis area may have their own bedroom because of their change. It's a big deal," said McKinney.

So the next time you go shopping toss a coin into the fountain. It has a ripple effect that goes way beyond what you see in the water.

In case you were wondering, Habitat for Humanity St. Louis has been the Charity of Choice getting the coins in the fountain for more than six years.

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