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How Compost STL is helping people live a greener life with food scrap pick-up service

Compost STL makes composting easy! The local business offers a subscription service to homeowners, businesses and events.

ST. LOUIS — “Composting is taking food waste and turning it into a resource,” says John Cline. “We are condensing it and bringing it into a product all at once.” 

The Cline family has always had a passion for their community. The local family of 3 grows fruits, vegetables and flowers on their urban farm in their Old North Neighborhood. But, 3 years ago they set out on a mission to help the planet across the region! 

“Food waste is not trash, it is a resource that we are recovering,” says Cline. “So, we are trying to feed people rather than landfills.” 

Compost STL is a composting service that helps your everyday homeowner or business  live a greener life! The process is simple. The local business drops off a clean compost bucket at your door. Throughout the week, put your food scraps in the bucket instead of the trash! Then, Compost STL picks up the bucket and the magic begins. By sorting and combining heavy nitrogen rich scraps with carbon rich scraps, something entirely new is made. 

Several months of science later, the compost then gets delivered to those who subscribe to their services! The nutrient rich matter is a great addition to home gardens or plants. 

“Compost is like magic,” says Cline. 

The business also offers drop off locations, or their services to businesses, and events, too! It is one simple, lifestyle shift to make the earth a happier and greener place to live! 

Learn more by visiting here.

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