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Lauren Akins, wife of country music superstar Thomas Rhett, comes out with her first book

Show Me St. Louis spoke with Akins about her personal memoir that offers inspiring guidance to readers.

ST. LOUIS — Lauren Akins, wife of country music superstar Thomas Rhett, has written her first book. It’s called Live in Love: Growing Together Through Life’s Change.

Inside the chapters of her new book is a little bit of everything.

“It’s a lot. It’s a lot. And it’s very real and raw. And there’s a lot of vulnerability in there, too,” said Akins.

She goes into detail about her childhood, how she was raised and why she believes the things that she does. She even shares how she got to where she is and introduces Thomas Rhett and their relationship.

“It started off as a friendship in middle school, and now, we’re married. And then it goes into adoption and our three kids and the ups and downs of marriage – the ins and outs of his career and me kind of living that with him.”

Akins said her book show a lot of humanness, whether it’s with parenting, marriage and even dealing with body image. Her biggest hope is that whoever reads it can find themselves in the pages – whether they need a good laugh or cry.

“My goal is for people not to feel alone – for them not to feel like they’re isolated in wherever they find themselves in their life. Because I think we’re in a world right now where it’s easy to feel isolated and alone. And that can be a really sad and hard place to be. So, I’m hoping to be able to be in that with people through this book.”

She said Live in Love relates mostly to both moms and young women. “Well, Thomas Rhett read it. He is my husband, so I think he’s probably a little more biased and interested in my life than most men probably are. But I do think the marriage part is good for both men and women to read.”

Although she’s the focal point of Thomas Rhett’s Die a Happy Man and has over 2 million followers herself, Akins never wished for celebrity status. In fact, she never thought she’d write a book.

“It really fells into my lap. Writing a book was not on my bucket list, mainly because I’m not somebody who likes to be in the spotlight, which is hilarious because now I’ve written a book, and I’m definitely in the spotlight for different things for sure this week. But it was something that I set out to do something else. And then this opportunity just kind of fell in place.”

She was looking forward to her book tour – meeting readers and having real conversations. Due to the pandemic, Akins’ book tour is now virtual. “Just to get to see the faces of the people who are reading our story and have the questions, I wanted to be able to answer those questions in person. I wanted to hug those people in person.”

“You know, if we can’t do it in person, the next best thing is a virtual book tour. And it’s been really fun, honestly. So far, it’s been really fun, and it’s gone well,” Akins added.

Live in Love hit store shelves last week. Lauren Akins will discuss the book and answer questions during her virtual book tour on Thursday, August 27, 2020 in collaboration with Left Bank Books.

Get access to the virtual event by buying Live in Love from Left Bank Books online or over the phone. You can even receive a signed copy of the book! The bookstore will email you an invitation to join the private Facebook event.

For more information, call (314) 367-6731 or visit left-bank.com.

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