This is not your mother's orchestra.

Amanda Meyer, student president, said,  "We're very nontraditional. So, usually you don't get to see a drumset in an orchestra."

Lindbergh High School's Strolling Strings beats to their own drum. 

She said, "When we get to play Taylor Swift or pieces of Michael Jackson, it's a lot more fun."

They play a variety of music from Celtic to Motown to pop.

Tessa Sottile said, "Playing pop music is really fun for us because it's easy to relate to."

By playing current hits, it keeps string music relevant to the younger generation.

Chris Livesay, artistic director, said, "I like to use that as a vehicle to teach them about different music."

The group performs around the St. Louis area but soon they'll play on an even bigger stage.

"We're gonna play and share what we do on an international stage." he said.

The Strolling Strings are invited to perform at the Sterling International Youth Arts festival this summer.

Chris said, "There are two other groups from different parts of the world who are going to be there with us. So we essentially go on tour for a week."

A trip like this, costs money.

Amanda said, "We're trying to raise $30,000 and trying to go above and beyond that and our ultimate goal."

Their next fundraiser is a music-themed trivia night on March 25th.

Chris said, "This is people telling us this, I'm not making this up, we run one of the best trivia nights in St. Louis. There's a big music performance aspect."

So if you choose to attend their trivia night or make a donation, it would strike a chord with these young musicians.

To make a donation, visit or you can attend their Trivia Night March 25th at 7 PM.
It costs $25 a seat or $200 a table. For reservations: email