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The furniture department at Macy’s got an upgrade!

See how Macy’s can help you customize and personalize your living space with their newly renovated furniture department.

There are some new and exciting changes going on in the furniture department at Macy’s! Photojournalist Kenny Koger stopped by the Macy’s at the St. Louis Galleria to check out some upgrades this store has been receiving over the last couple of months.

The carpet has been redone, the lighting redone, restroom upgrades made, and more! Another exciting change is the “customize it” shop in the furniture department. There are over 200 colorful samples that you can pick and choose from throughout the department. These fabrics can be put on anything from a sofa to a headboard.

The choices are endless in the mix and match chairs section as well! Not every chair around your table needs to be the same, so this section gives customers the opportunity to choose what they really want.

Customers have been responding well to all of the choices made available to them not only in terms of fabric, but furniture style as well. The VRU upgrades the experience too as people can use Virtual Reality to put together their living space. The staff will put in as much information as you have into the system in order to recreate your room, and then you put on the headset and walk around in it virtually!

Stop by the Macy’s Galleria store where shopping in the furniture department is fun, exciting, and new!

Macy’s is your must-visit gift destination this holiday season and the Friends & Family Sale is going on now through November 11! Find a location near you at Macys.com.