Jim Fiala is the owner of a restaurant that takes no shortcuts, serves only authentic Italian cuisine, and offers an experience rather than just a meal. It's not easy running a restaurant like this for 11 years, but it's not supposed to be.

"It's really hard and you constantly have to be thinking how do we get better what do we do to improve," he said.

Kim doesn't just go the extra mile to make his restaurant Acero the best it can be, he goes thousands of miles, traveling to Italy every year.

"I go there for experiences and recipes come back with me somehow," he said.

Like the recipe for this appetizer, fondly referred to as meat donuts.

"We woke up in Umbria at this bed and breakfast and these ladies came and greeted us with cappuccinos and these things called noco frito which are pillows of dough fried in olive oil with prosciutto de Parma on top with sea salt and they are one of the most amazing things."

Dining at Acero is an experience, which is why customers are encouraged to try the 4 course tasting menu for $40. All the pastas are made in house. The egg raviolo is a must try dish.

"It's a big ravioli with a farm fresh egg yolk in middle so you cut into it and it's melty egg yolk rich and delicious," said the chef.

Acero is named after the city its called home since 2007.

"Maple in Italian, Acero," he said.


7266 Manchester Road, Maplewood

(314) 644-1790