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Meet the 11-year-old beat boxer from Washington, MO

Show Me St. Louis’ Dana Dean recently met up with him and couldn't believe what she heard.

Since before Gus Mcafoos could walk, he was making noise and lots of it. Just ask his mom.

Deaneal Mcafoos said, “This child is something else… he's always made sound ever since he was born. Over COVID, it clicked. He was always making these beats.”

The 11-year-old discovered beat boxing videos on YouTube at the start of the pandemic. He was hooked.

“The I just loved it,” he said.

He figured out that he could do it too and worked on honing his newfound talent around the house while doing chores, which was music to his mom’s ears.

“He was making these beats while doing the dishes and I was like, ‘Dude, I think you're kind of good,’” she said.

So his mom searched Google for beat boxing competitions and sure enough there was one coming up in Kansas City. Gus entered and was by far the youngest beat boxer there.

“There were a lot more teens there. People who have permits to drive,” he said.

That didn't stop Gus from beating over half of the people there, making it to the top 16 in the solo competition and got the chance to compete against last year's champ. Ultimately, he didn't win. But he's proud of getting as far as he did.

“It was like, really just like, wow I did it,” said Gus.

Now he's continuing to work on his skills and getting ready for competitions in 2022.

But for now he's enjoying his celebrity status in Washington, Missouri.

His mom said, “He’s like, ‘Oh my God, Mom. My name is really getting around at school. A kindergartner asked me to beat box for him haha.’”

Search gus_thebeatboxer on YouTube for more from the 11-year-old beat boxer.

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