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Oakville woman hosts “A Haunted Wedding” in her home

If you like the idea of going through a haunted house with a wedding theme, you may want to check this place out.

Julia Sandvoss of Oakville, also known as the Queen of Halloween for the past several years, has a little more fun than most when it comes to the devilish day. Julia and her family transform their house into a Haunted House each year and allow kids to go through it.

This year, the theme is “A Haunted Wedding.” This includes a bride, groom, cake, and a few more spooky surprises for those who are daring enough to enter.

It takes about a month for her to get all the decorations up. She explained that it all started for her when she was little and would take trips to Disney World going through the Haunted Mansion. That’s what inspired her to do all of this.

The Haunted House will be open tonight from 6 p.m.-9:30 p.m. It’s free to enter and located at 7402 Shady Bridge Court in Oakville.

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