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Ollie Hinkle Heart Foundation brings ease to families battling pediatric heart disease

The mission of Ollie Hinkle Heart Foundation (OHHF) is to address the unmet needs of heart families while transforming the future of pediatric heart care.

ST. LOUIS — There are one million children living with pediatric heart disease (PHD) in the US. Ollie Hinkle Heart Foundation's vision is that every heart child and family will be wrapped in love to eliminate the traumas endured by living with a chronic illness.

Pediatric heart disease (PHD) is a chronic, lifelong illness that families endure. At Ollie Hinkle Heart Foundation (OHHF) they ease their stress by creating programs that address their unmet needs through Community Outreach to wrap them in love, Ollie’s Branch for mental health support, and Technology and Research to improve outcomes.

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