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One-year Transformation Tuesday follow-up

Today we check in with a woman who was featured on Transformation Tuesday one year ago.

Over the last six years on Show Me St. Louis, Charles D’Angelo has shared hundreds of his clients’ jaw-dropping transformations. Now we are following up with a woman who was featured a year ago on this show. She lost nearly 70 pounds with Charles’s help.

Welcome back to Lesa, who is still 70 pounds lighter! She not only lost the weight but has been able to keep it off. She says that it still feels wonderful and she feels like a whole new person, going from a size 22 to a size ZERO!

Lesa explains how she went through every diet and plan that you could find on the internet and in magazines. One day she came across one of Charles’s billboards and looked at his videos, website and business. She decided to make the call, and says she is so glad she did.

Charles wants to make it known that not only does he help his clients lose weight, but they are able to keep it off because he helps them shift their identity in the process. His clients go from being someone in an overweight mindset, to viewing themselves as a fit and healthy person that can take care of themselves. Charles reminds his clients that in order for the outside to change, the inside has to change as well.

Strategy and consistency are the keys to steady change.

Charles D’Angelo can help you too! For more information visit his website or call 314-495-3228.