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Photography is a dirty job for this New Florence woman

Framing up farm animals.

On 20 acres about 75 miles from St. Louis, Kim Carr is raising more than 100 animals.

"Yeah 100, 120 or so if you count all my chickens and the ducks and stuff," she says.

The sort of interesting thing is she doesn't just call them in at meal time, she brings them in, frames them up and photographs them.

"I made a baby pig squeal this spring and the mom kind of grabbed my elbow to let me know to be cautious."

Kim got her first camera when she was 10 and has been taking pictures ever since.

"I think my mom helped develop my eye because she made me buy my own film and pay for my own developing so I was very selective about what I took pictures of because it came out of my pocket."

But when her job was eliminated in 2010 her hobby became her profession.

"A friend of mine said I really like your pictures I would buy those."

It's a job that requires patience.

"I try just to be quiet because an animal you can't pose 'em. You just have to kind of wait for that moment," she points out.

It's also requires a keen eye not only for the subject matter., but for where she steps or stretches out.

"I've gotten pretty smelly and stuff, but it's well worth it because I've gotten some great shots."

They are photos that capture the animals in their element.

"I could never afford to travel to Colorado or to Africa and I was like there's beauty right here in my own backyard."

They are more than cute photos she turns into note cards. Her most recent series of images are pictures with a purpose.

"People don't realize that we have farm animals like my Irish Dexter cattle, my Red Bourbon turkey, my Mammoth donkey these animals are endanger of extinction," Carr explains.

So her focus is now to shine a spotlight on Heritage Breeds, traditional livestock breeds that were raised by our forefathers.

Of course she can only pull out her camera in between all of her other chores around the farm because farming will always come first.

You can see her work in person this weekend at Artists Boutique which will be held at the Kirkwood Community Center. It's from 10 to 4 on both Saturday and Sunday.

You can also find Carr's pieces on her website http://www.kimcarrphotography.com/.

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