Kristine Maksimovich is a stay at home mom whose love for fashion drove her to start her own mobile boutique.

"I was a stay at home mom for a year and a half and I love that and that's still my main job but I've always loved fashion," she said.

At first, she started selling clothing online, storing everything in her basement.

"People were wanting to come to my house to shop everyday," she said.

Her business quickly got too big for her basement.

"This was the next best thing," she said, referring to her fashion truck called PruE Boutique.

"My mother-in-law whose actually no longer with us, her maiden name was Pruett. When we had a daughter, we named her Pruett, after my mother- in-law. And when Pruett started talking, she couldn't pronounce the T's so she called herself Pruee."

PrueE boutique truck travels around St. Louis to different events and also makes house calls at no charge.

"Somebody would contact me, want me to come over to their house, they would have their girlfriends over, drink wine, and shop in their driveway," she said.

Pruee fashion truck carries affordable clothes, shoes, and earrings.

"The most expensive thing is $44. My motto is, if I wouldn't pay it, I'm not going to charge it," she said.