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Art therapy helps kids at Ranken Jordan

Find out how Ranken Jordan Pediatric Bridge Hospital is providing care beyond the bedside.

When children need special care, Ranken Jordan Pediatric Bridge Hospital is there to bridge the gap between traditional hospital treatment and home. Art therapy is one of the many recreational programs they offer to help kids on their journey.

At Ranken Jordan, they practice care beyond the bedside. This focuses on getting the kids up and out of bed about 70% of their time. They are participating in a number of activities on top of all their medical care and therapies. These kids work a lot with Rec Therapists and Child Life Specialists in all different disciplines.

As one of the country’s only bridge hospitals, the goal is to transition kids from a traditional hospital to home. Within the Pediatric Health Related Services Department, Ranken Jordan has a verity of disciplines that work to accomplish this goal.

At Ranken Jordan, therapeutic art helps kids in a lot of different ways. It offers self-expression opportunities and gives the kids control, especially in an environment where they don’t get a lot of control. We got the chance to meet Tori, who although cannot physically participate in art still is able to think in a creative way. Tori finds a lot of joy in doing this, and it is something she looks forward to everyday.

With the younger kids, art is used to help connect families. Even when the family cannot be at the hospital all the time due to work or distance, they send pieces home so everyone can feel connected.

This year, Ranken Jordan is hosting the 15th Annual Inspiration Gallery that the art therapy department puts on with the kids. They collect artwork all year from the patients and sell it back to the staff and families. The money raised goes back into the department and towards more fun activities.

Ranken Jordan is a hospital that doesn’t feel like a hospital. The kids are up and about, there are multiple playgrounds, and there are plenty of places for them to go.

For more information on care beyond the bedside visit rankenjordan.org, find them on Facebook, or call 314-872-6400.