ST. LOUIS — Fajita Chicken Breast with Tomato, Corn and Cilantro Salad

(Served over Brown Rice!)

Ingredients for Chicken Marinade:

1 TBS Fajita Seasonings

1/8 CUP Olive Oil

Juice from 1 Lime

4-6 OUNCES Raw Chicken Breast

Ingredients for Salsa:

3 Ripe Homegrown or Campari Tomatoes - Diced into small cubes

1 BUNCH Green Onions - Diced into small pieces

1/2 BUNCH Cilantro Stems - Discarded and chopped

3 EARS Cleaned fresh Corn - Cooked and sliced off the cobb

Juice from 3 Limes

1 TSP Salt

1 TSP Pepper

2 CUPS Brown Rice - Cooked according to package instructions


Mix Marinade together and marinate Chicken for at least 1 hour.

Then grill the Chicken till cooked!

Mix all Salsa ingredients together.

Layer on a platter starting with the cooked Brown Rice, then Grilled Chicken and topped with your fresh Salsa.